Hiking at Nara-Horyuji

hiking, Japan, Nara

I visited my home town, Nara, Japan during holidays. It was windy and chilly on New Year’s day. But I decided to go to Horyuji. Japanese are generally religious but we have a custom to visit a Buddhist temple on January first. So, I followed this custom.
It was about one hour walk from my parent’s house to Horyuji. I was really amazed by the view. I had known the view but I did not know it was such a beautiful landscape. Maybe because I have lived outside of Japan for long long time, I can see them with my fresh eyes. Here are some of the photos I took. I would like to share with you.

nara-horyuji1 nara-horyuji2 nara-horyuji3 nara-horyuji4 nara-horyuji5 nara-horyuji6 nara-horyuji7 nara-horyuji8 nara-horyuji9 nara-horyuji10


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