Wangechi Mutu show

Art, show and exhibition


I went to an exhibition of new work by Wangechi Mutu at Gladstone Gallery. The title for this exhibition comes from the Gikuyu words for mud and trees, the prima materia for this body of work. Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Wangechi Mutu received her MFA from Yale University. There were so many people at the opening night.


Francis Picabia at MOMA

Art, MoMA, Museum

I went to see the show,  Francis Picabia: Our Heads Are Round so Our Thoughts Can Change Direction at MOMA.

I knew Francis Picabia but didn’t know much about his works. It was amazing to see entire his career! Its styles ranged widely—and wildly—from Impressionism to radical abstraction, from Dadaist provocation to pseudo-classicism, and from photo-based realism to art informel. He mastered each style. The show looked like works of ten different artists. I love the fact that his works has the sense of millennium.


rancis Picabia. La Nuit espagnole (The Spanish Night). 1922


Francis Picabia. Portrait d’un couple (Portrait of a Couple)


Francis Picabia. La Source (The Spring). 1912.


Japanese painting and calligraphy

Art, Japan

I went to Japanese painting, Nihonga and calligraphy, Syodou show at Gallery MC. Most of the paintings are steel life. And the subject matters are nature like flowers. The artist, Mieko Arai has a long Nihonga career. I asked her if she paint without seeing real objects. Her answer was “nature is the greatest teacher.”  You can learn art by seeing nature. So, painting from real object is crucial part of Nihonga. I think this is an essence of Japanese art.



Picasso Sculpture at MOMA


The Museum of Modern Art is showing Picasso Sculpture. He is famous as a painter but not so as a sculptor. My impression is he is also great as a sculptor. I love all of them. They are gorgeous. The lines of sculptures are strong and bold yet their colors are so subtle and complicated. This is a show you must see. It’s until February 7. Hurry!




de Kooning Sculpture, 1972-1974



Do you know that de Kooning made not only painting but also sculptures? Here is a show at Skarstedt, de Kooning Sculptures, 1972-1974. I saw one of his big sculptures at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston years ago. I didn’t like it. I thought he was a great painter but not a sculptor. I was wrong. How beautiful his sculptures are. This show opened my eyes.