Documentary, MICROCOSMOS at Socrates Sculpture Park

documentary, film


I went to Socrates Sculpture Park Outdoor Cinema last Wednesday to see a documentary, MICROCOSMOS (1996, Directors: Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou.).

This week’s film, MICROCOSMOS is a documentary about lives of insects. It’s not just an observation of insects. It’s one of the most gorgeous macro-photography of insects ever put on screen! Shooting with custom cameras and lenses that took three years to develop (15 years of research and 3 years of shooting), the filmmakers turn a French meadow into an otherworldly adventure as its denizens – a seemingly infinite variety of bugs – crawl, fly, creep and leap.

The camera work was so beautiful and amazing. One of my favorite scenes is snails’ sex scene. It was very intimate and emotional. I think that is One of the sexiest sex scenes I have ever seen. Throughout this documentary, the directors showed as if insects have emotion and intelligence. ( I don’t know how entomologists think. But from this documentary, they look as they really have them.) By the end of the film, I started to see an insect as a human like creature.


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