The little Prince show at the Morgan library



I went to see the show, The Little Prince, A New York Story at The Morgan library and Museum. The Little Prince is a Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s children’s novel. He wrote and illustrated in NY during World War II. The show shows his original manuscripts and illustrations. I read The Little Prince when I was 10 years old or so. I didn’t remember much of the story except scary Bao Bab tree. But I did remember the feeling I had when I read. It was like loneliness and strangeness. It was nice to see the little prince again. It brought back me to my childhood. And also now I know this book is not just for children but also adults. It seems to have philosophical aspect and have deep meaning in it. I requested the Little Prince and The biography of Antoine de Saint-Exupery from my library. I can’t wait to re-read this book. This show is until April 27, 2014.


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