Pussy Riot

documentary, music


This summer’s last outdoor cinema at Socrates Sculpture Park was August 27. They showed a neorealist masterpiece Umberto D directed by De Sica (The Bicycle Thief) and documentary Pussy Riot directed by Maxim Pozdorovkin and Mike Lerner.
Pussy Riot is a story about Russian punk-rock activists Pussy Riot – Katia, Masha, and Nadia – stage a balaclava-masked performance at a Moscow cathedral (protesting the head of the Orthodox Church for supporting Putin’s campaign) and earn the wrath of the regime. Their arrest and trial for “hooliganism” against the church follows. A fascinating documentary portrait of a courageous, defiant collective whose impact continues to be felt worldwide.

I like Pussy Riot. Their fight to authority is very inspiring. They are brave yet intelligent. Their music is straight punk rock. They are still very active. Two of the member of Pussy Riot are suing the Russian government in the European court of human rights (ECHR) over their imprisonment for a 2012 “punk prayer” protest at a Moscow cathedral.
I really enjoyed this summer’s outdoor cinema at Socrates Sculpture Park. I am looking forward to seeing good movies here next summer!


FOREST OF THE DANCING SPIRITS at Socrates Sculpture Park


Socrates Sculpture Park showed a documentary, FOREST OF THE DANCING SPIRITS as a part of outdoor cinema 2014.

Outdoor cinema is the one of the most popular summer activities in New York. My neighborhood park, Socrates Sculpture Park is also organizing outdoor cinema. They show international films most of which are very rare to see.  I saw a documentary, FOREST OF THE DANCING SPIRITS, directed by Linda Västrik last week. The movie was amazing as well as prescreening music played by Nkumu Isaac Katalay & The “Life Long Project” Band.

Deep within one of the world’s last untouched rainforests lives the Yaka/ Mbendjele tribe, a group of hunter-gatherers from the Congo Basin, who are about to discover the Western world’s intense lust for “progress.” Beyond just an ethnographic study, award-winning filmmaker Linda Västrik imbues each lush frame with humor, heartbreak and vibrant storytelling.

What this documentary makes so unique is that she focused mainly women’s life. Because of that, I could connect to the story easily. Fun part of watching this documentary at park is while I was watching jungle scene, I was also seeing the trees by the screen.  I was feeling as if I am in a jungle!

Forest of the Dancing Spirits at outdoor-cinema-at-Socrates-Park