Artist talk, EMMT DIJKSTRA

show and exhibition

I went to listen at an artist talk of EMMT DIJKSTRA at Manhattan Graphics Center. She is an printmaker and does performances in her printed paper dresses. She showed some of her works which she made from her experience living in her home country Netherland, NY and Stockholm. It is interesting to see how an artist transformed her life experience into her art works.

show and exhibition

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I went to PS1 Warm Up this Saturday. PS1 is a part of Modern Art Museum and specializes works of emerging artists. Many artists became big after PS1 show. During summer, Warm Up is held at their courtyard every Saturday. There is a dance platform and of course, dance music. Last Saturday was the first of 2014 season. There are so many people. Everybody was enjoying dancing or listening at music. This is an interesting collaboration, club music and emerging art. Both arts are on the process and full of energy. I really enjoyed it. The music was awesome.

Whitney Biennial

show and exhibition

2nd-floor Channa-Horwitz  stair-case-perforrmanceElijah-Burgher

I went to see Whitney Biennial 2014. This is a show-case of American art now. I loved the festive atmosphere of Biennial. But I felt this year’s show doesn’t have enough festivity. It is rather scattered and haphazard. Among 103 artists who are selected for this show, I like Travis Jeppesen’s work. The piece is too big and too sexual so I didn’t take photo. But his work has festivity and craziness. I also like Channa Horwitz’s work and Elijan Burgher’s work. Horwitz’s works are very cool. She made some mathematical formula to apply her painting. Burgher’s work, Bachelor machine, from behind and below (Guyotat version) is lovely small piece. Because colored by color pencils, it’s accessible in spite of its serious subject matter.

Museum of Arts and Design

show and exhibition

I went to Museum of Arts and Design to see the exhibition-Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital.

This is the show of art works which were made by digital fabrication. I am very interested in 3D printer and this show was exactly what I wanted to see. I could get some idea what 3D printer can do. If you are interested in 3D printer, check it out. Thursday and Friday nights are Pay-What-You-Wish.