show and exhibition

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I went to PS1 Warm Up this Saturday. PS1 is a part of Modern Art Museum and specializes works of emerging artists. Many artists became big after PS1 show. During summer, Warm Up is held at their courtyard every Saturday. There is a dance platform and of course, dance music. Last Saturday was the first of 2014 season. There are so many people. Everybody was enjoying dancing or listening at music. This is an interesting collaboration, club music and emerging art. Both arts are on the process and full of energy. I really enjoyed it. The music was awesome.


The little Prince show at the Morgan library



I went to see the show, The Little Prince, A New York Story at The Morgan library and Museum. The Little Prince is a Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s children’s novel. He wrote and illustrated in NY during World War II. The show shows his original manuscripts and illustrations. I read The Little Prince when I was 10 years old or so. I didn’t remember much of the story except scary Bao Bab tree. But I did remember the feeling I had when I read. It was like loneliness and strangeness. It was nice to see the little prince again. It brought back me to my childhood. And also now I know this book is not just for children but also adults. It seems to have philosophical aspect and have deep meaning in it. I requested the Little Prince and The biography of Antoine de Saint-Exupery from my library. I can’t wait to re-read this book. This show is until April 27, 2014.

Flower Show Saturday


Flower show Saturday! I went to Macy’s flower show yesterday. I had expected real flower show though it was like a part of the display. They put the flowers on the passage. There are so many people, (I went to Saturday afternoon. Of course, Macy’s is always crowded weekend.)It was difficult to see whole flower arrangement. I was very disappointed. I enjoyed close view of flowers though…
Before Macy’s flower show, I went to Japanese flower arrangement show, Sogetu Ikebana at Nippon Club gallery. 24 Ikebana artists showed their pieces. All of them are beautiful. It was interesting comparison between Western flower arrangement and Japanese one. I felt as if I was watching oil painting at Macy’s and at Sumi painting at Nippon Club. Macy’s one focused on color and area. On the other hand, Sogetu Ikebana focused on line and negative space.
Despite of my disappointment at Macy’s, I still enjoyed those beautiful and exotics flowers of both shows. Here are photos from Macy’s Flower Show.