DUMBO Arts Festival

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DUMBO Arts Festival

I went to DUMBO art festival few weeks ago. My first impression was tens, thousands of people. So many families, kids, young people, old people.

There are outdoor and indoor visual art installations and exhibitions, digital art and projections, visiting artists in their studios or making murals on the street, dancers, poets as well as performers throughout the neighborhood, on street corners, and in the park.

Many people and many events. It was like an art Disneyland! Here are some photos I took.

DUMBO Arts Festival 1 DUMBO Arts Festival 2 DUMBO Arts Festival 3 DUMBO Arts Festival 4 DUMBO Arts Festival 5 DUMBO Arts Festival 6 DUMBO Arts Festival 7 DUMBO Arts Festival 8 DUMBO Arts Festival 9 DUMBO Arts Festival 10 DUMBO Arts Festival 11 DUMBO Arts Festival 12 DUMBO Arts Festival 13

Arts for Protest from People’s March

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Arts for Protest from People’s Climate March-

Here are art works I took photos from People’s Climate March last Sunday. I was very pleased to see those art works. The person who made them may not consider as art. But they are pretty powerful works of art. The artists have things want to say. Those are not made for art sake. Those I put here are just one of ice berg. I wish I can show everything.

People's-march People's-march-art1 People's-march-art-2 People's-march-art-3 People's-march-art-4 People's-march-art-5 People's-march-art-6 People's-march-art-7 People's-march-art-8 People's-march-art-9 People's-march-art-11 People's-march-art-10 People's-march-art-12 People's-march-art-13 People's-march-art-14

Bushwick Open Studio


artstudio bigmacaroon derecklerner ericlindreit juanmiguelpalacios puppet puppet2 streetimageI went to Bushwick Open Studio. This is the first time I went to Bushwick, Brooklyn. According to their web site, BOS is the largest open studio event in NY. There are so many studios in wide area. I couldn’t see most of them. Here are some image photos. I love those puppets a lot. But there are so many good works I can’t show. I saw so many inspiring works today. I can’t wait to start to work my stuff!