David Hockney retrospective

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A bigger Splash 1967


Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two Figures) 1972


Domestic Scene, Los Angeles 1963

I went to David Hockney show at The Met. They said; this major retrospective—the exhibition’s only North American venue—honors the artist in his 80th year by presenting his most iconic works and key moments of his career from 1960 to the present.

I liked his works long time ago. It was sometime 80’. Then I lost interest and forgot about his works because I thought his works looked more commercial illustration than fine art. I am glad to see my old “friend” who is still doing great. I love the bright colors and lines, which brought cleanness to his works. I see his work more as a fine art now.

My art work, Grapefruits Tee

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Here is my new art work. I am making a series of fruits Tee. Since I designed and printed on a T-shirts by myself. I think I can say this is my art work : ) You can see it at my Etsy shop, Sachika Iwata Studio.

My new T-shirts design" Grapefruits"

My new T-shirts” Grapefruits”