Blue Hill Troupe


Blue Hill Troupe

Someone in my college chorus group introduced us Blue Hill Troupe. This is a non profit theatrical company. They produce musical or opera twice a year while raising money for New York City charities. Though most Troupers make a living in other professions, their productions are professional level. I will go next week and checke out how they do.


Flower Show Saturday


Flower show Saturday! I went to Macy’s flower show yesterday. I had expected real flower show though it was like a part of the display. They put the flowers on the passage. There are so many people, (I went to Saturday afternoon. Of course, Macy’s is always crowded weekend.)It was difficult to see whole flower arrangement. I was very disappointed. I enjoyed close view of flowers though…
Before Macy’s flower show, I went to Japanese flower arrangement show, Sogetu Ikebana at Nippon Club gallery. 24 Ikebana artists showed their pieces. All of them are beautiful. It was interesting comparison between Western flower arrangement and Japanese one. I felt as if I was watching oil painting at Macy’s and at Sumi painting at Nippon Club. Macy’s one focused on color and area. On the other hand, Sogetu Ikebana focused on line and negative space.
Despite of my disappointment at Macy’s, I still enjoyed those beautiful and exotics flowers of both shows. Here are photos from Macy’s Flower Show.




Watching a movie


I showed a Japanese movie, Funeral at nearby library. I showed departures last month. Both movies are stories about funeral ceremony. After the movie, I talked to participants about this movie and funeral ceremony in their countries. It was intersting to hear the way other culture does. I really love this kind of cultural exchange!


Thinking of Spring


Although winter is still sitting here in NY, I start to think of spring plan. I borrow this book from a library. I have been thinking of making a small garden at my balcony. I usually plant mint, cilantro, tomato and shiso leaves. But I didn’t do much work to organize plants so they didn’t look like a garden at all. I want to do more this year.

Balocony plant book photo

Happy Valentine’s Day



Happy Valentine’s Day for everyone!

I have been watching Olympic figure skate. It’s so beautiful. I like pair skate. Today’s one is male skating but pair skate should do today instead. Don’t you think so? When a pair is skating, I can see emotions between the couple. Either success or fail, their facial and body expression told the story.  I am really enjoying it.