Pussy Riot

documentary, music


This summer’s last outdoor cinema at Socrates Sculpture Park was August 27. They showed a neorealist masterpiece Umberto D directed by De Sica (The Bicycle Thief) and documentary Pussy Riot directed by Maxim Pozdorovkin and Mike Lerner.
Pussy Riot is a story about Russian punk-rock activists Pussy Riot – Katia, Masha, and Nadia – stage a balaclava-masked performance at a Moscow cathedral (protesting the head of the Orthodox Church for supporting Putin’s campaign) and earn the wrath of the regime. Their arrest and trial for “hooliganism” against the church follows. A fascinating documentary portrait of a courageous, defiant collective whose impact continues to be felt worldwide.

I like Pussy Riot. Their fight to authority is very inspiring. They are brave yet intelligent. Their music is straight punk rock. They are still very active. Two of the member of Pussy Riot are suing the Russian government in the European court of human rights (ECHR) over their imprisonment for a 2012 “punk prayer” protest at a Moscow cathedral.
I really enjoyed this summer’s outdoor cinema at Socrates Sculpture Park. I am looking forward to seeing good movies here next summer!


Japanese punk band, Gelatine


Gelatine at Socrates Park

I went to outdoor cinema at Socrates Park to see a Japanese movie, 13 Assassins. But this time, I enjoyed more Pre-Screening music played by Gelatine than the movie itself. I mean the movie was good but just it was not my type.

The New York based Japanese Punk Rock band, Gelatine really reminded me underground music scene in Osaka 80’. They are heavily influenced by Japanese traditional music, J-Pop/J-Rock, anime, pre 90′s punk, metal and etc. Because of the mixtures of music influences, their music was not distractive than typical punk band. It’s kind of listening at a classic Rock. Their performance is serious yet very funny and crazy which also reminded me underground small theater scene in Osaka 80′.

The guitarist and the bassist played very skillfully. And vocalist, Seiko was the face of this band. Her powerful voice and existence radiated aura on the stage.  The bottom line is they are really cool.